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Did you hear about the sitcom that ripped off Seinfeld? They called it Co-Seinfeld, because it was derivative.

John Henry

The Ballad of John Henry as composed by ChatGPT

This LAN is your LAN

S. Keshav
April 15, 2009
This LAN is your LAN, that LAN  is my LAN
Let's put a hub and network  these islands
Now frames from my hosts can get to your NICs
These LANs  should work for you and me
As we sent packets across the hub there
I saw that we still face a big problem
I saw that each ARP goes to every host
This LAN is broadcast  stormy
I roamed and rambled seeking a  method
To limit broadcasts of those  ARP packets
While all around me the users were grousing
Saying we'll have you fired you wait and see
When the sun came shining, I found an answer
Let's make two subnets and use a router
A voice was chanting, as the fog was lifting
Subnets can tackle  anarchy
Now life is  pleasant with IP routing
The packets humming and  LEDs glowing
For  every port on every user's desktop
Subnets are good  for you and me