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What I'm working on

This page is my attempt to keep track of all the things I'm working on...

Energy systems

  • Using Reinforcement Learning to control the operation of storage systems (with Arduin Findeis and Fiodar Kazhamiaka)
  • Designing tariff schemes for resilient home customers with storage systems (with Nastaran Nasteri, Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal,Wolf Ketter, and John Collins)
  • Studying the impact of climate change on the transmission grid (with Petr Dolezal and Emily Shuckburgh)
  • Controlling EV charging to allow condominiums and commercial building to become 100% renewable-powered (with Harsimrat Bhundar and Lukasz Golab)

Forest conservation and restoration

  • Creating a trusted marketplace for nature-based solutions (with Tom Shan, Hector Wei, Tom Swinfield, Anil Madhavapeddy, and Andrew Balmford)


  • Privacy-preserving crowdsensing (with Bihan Liu, Steven Chai, and Fiodar Kazhamiaka)
  • Using DNNs to extrapolate Earth observation data to cloudy regions (with Harsimrat Bhundar and Clement Atzberger)
  • Designing an index to measure researcher influence and also identify potential research fraud (with Ankai Jie)

Completed work and outcomes

Summer 2021

  • Estimating the reduction in lighting levels of commercial buildings from Earth observation (with Abhinav Bora)
  • Estimating the rate of carbon sequestration in tropical forests (with Simon Mathis and David Coomes)

Lent 2021

  • Using Time-of-flight sensors on mobile phones for depth-assisted segmentation of tree images (with Bill Tong, Megan Penny, and Amelia Holcomb)
  • Linking Earth observation to carbon sequestration certificates (with Alan Marko, Tom Shan, and David Liu)
  • Computing the solar and storage system sizing for the British Antarctic Survey base in Rothera, Antarctica (with Brad Huang, Fiodar Kazhamiaka, and Nopi Exizidou)
    • B.G. Huang, F. Kazhamiaka, and S. Keshav, Sizing Solar Panels and Storage for Multiple Roofs, To Appear, Proc. ACM eEnergy, June 2021.
  • Speeding up Hyperledger Fabric with pre-validation (with Rishav Agarwal, Christian Gorenflo, and Lukasz Golab)
  • Implementing RCanopus (with Christian Gorenflo, Ashwin Sekhari, Qingnan Duan, Linguan Wang, Lukasz Golab, Bernard Wong, and (at UMass) Stephen Lee and Prashant Shenoy)

Fall 2020

Summer 2020

  • Designing a trusted smart meter to ensure that data that enters a blockchain can be relied upon. (with Dimcho Karakashev and Sergey Gorbunov)
    • D. Karakashev, S. Gorbunov, and S. Keshav, "Making Renewable Energy Certificates Efficient, Trustworthy, and Anonymous," Proc. IEEE SmartGridComm, November 2020.
  • Estimating IUCN Red List status of birds from Earth observation (with David Wesby, David Coomes, BirdLife International, and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)
  • Creating a website for homeowners and businesses to determine how many solar panels and how large a storage battery to buy to achieve a certain level of grid independence (with Brad Huang and Fiodar Kazhamiaka)

Winter/Spring 2020

Fall 2019

  • Conflict resolution for hot keys in Fabric
    • C. Gorenflo, L. Golab, S. Keshav, "XOX Fabric: A hybrid approach to blockchain transaction execution," Proc. IEEE ICBC, 2020.
  • Using RFID-based sensors for determining soil moisture level
    • J. Wang, L. Chang, S. Aggarwal, O. Abari, and S. Keshav, "Soil Moisture Sensing with Commodity RFID Systems," Proc. ACM Mobisys, 2020.

Summer 2019

  • Improving the performance of Hyperledger Fabric
    • Gorenflo, S. Lee, L. Golab, S. Keshav. FastFabric: Scaling Hyperledger Fabric to 20,000 Transactions per Second, Proc. IEEE ICBC, May 2019.
  • Using Fabric to provide an audit trail for electric vehicle charging
  • Using deep neural networks to compute optimal (MPC-computed) storage operation strategies
  • Using cloud cover and solar panel images to detect panel soiling and shadowing (with Yingjie Chen)

Spring 2019

  • Using IoT to reduce energy costs of lighting (with Yerbol Aussat)
  • Managing data consent on Fabric
    • * R. Agarwal, D. Kumar , L. Golab, S. Keshav, "Consentio: Managing Consent to Data Access using Permissioned Blockchains," Proc. IEEE ICBC, 2020.
  • Reducing the cost of personal thermal comfort systems (with Costin Ograda-Bratu)

Winter 2019

  • Using computer vision algorithms to estimate the degree of snow cover on solar panels (with Jia Ying Lin)
  • Designing and building an off-grid system to capture e-scooter activity and accidents (with Tingyun Liu and Lime Inc.)
  • Improving the description of research outcomes from my energy systems research (with Shela Qiu)

Last updated May 2021