• Dimcho Karakashev (UW)
  • Amelia Holcombe (UW)



  • Yu He
  • Alan Marko
  • David Wesby


  • Bill Tong
  • Yijie Wang
  • Brad Huang



Ju Wang, Ph.D. from Northwestern University, China. RFID sensors. [2018-2019]

Liqiong Chang, Ph.D. from Northwestern University, China. RFID sensors. [2018-2019]

Sun Sun, Ph.D. from University of Toronto, Canada. Stochastic matching and synthetic trace generation. [2017-2019]

Ansis Rosmanis, Ph.D. from University of Waterloo. Smart lighting. [2016]

Rachel Kalaimani, Ph.D. from IIT Bombay. Energy-efficient HVAC operation. [2015-2016]

Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, Ph.D. from University of Toronto. Solar and Storage management. (2012-2015)

Hanan Shpungin, Ph.D. from Ben Gurion University. Energy systems. (2012)

Kirill Kogan, Ph.D. from Ben Gurion University. Multi-connected microgrids. (2012-2013)

Weihong Wang, Ph.D. from U. Toronto. EV scheduling. (2010-2011)

Andre Allavena, Ph.D. from Cornell University. Leaf-only trees for massively parallel computing. (2005-2006)



Christian Gorenflo: 2015-2020, Waterloo. Thesis: Towards a New Generation of Permissioned Blockchain Systems

Fiodar Kazhamiaka: 2014-2019, Waterloo. Thesis: Modelling, Design, and Control of Energy Systems: A Data-Driven Approach (Postdoc at Stanford)

Adedamola Adepetu: 2012-2016, Waterloo. Thesis: An Agent-Based Modeling Framework for Energy Policies (CIBC Bank --> Loblaws)

Rayman Preet Singh: 2011-2015, Waterloo. Thesis: Personal Data Management in the Internet of Things (Samsung Research --> Amazon --> LinkedIn)

Omid Ardakanian: 2009-2015, Waterloo. Thesis: On the Control of Active End-nodes in the Smart Grid (Postdoc UC Berkeley --> Postdoc UBC --> Faculty member at U. Alberta)

Tommy Carpenter: 2010-2015, Waterloo. Thesis: Measuring & Mitigating Electric Vehicle Adoption Barriers (AT&T Research)

Earl Oliver: 2006-2012, Waterloo. Thesis: Censorship Tolerant Networking (Brio Mobile)

Andy Curtis: 2008-2012, Waterloo. Thesis: Reducing the cost of Operating a Datacenter Network (Nicera --> VmWare --> Avi Networks)

Nabeel Ahmed: 2004-2009, Waterloo. Thesis: Interference Management in Dense 802.11 Networks (post-doc at MIT --> Ruckus Wireless --> Facebook)

Aaditeshwar Seth: 2004-2008, Waterloo, Co-supervised by Prof. R. Cohen. Thesis: Design of a Recommender System for Participatory Media Built on a Tetherless Communication Infrastructure (IBM Research, India --> Assistant Professor at IIT Delhi --> Associate Professor at IIT Delhi)

Majid Ghaderi: 2004-2006, Waterloo, Co-supervised by Prof. R. Boutaba. Thesis: Resource management in heterogeneous wireless networks (PostDoc at U. Mass. Amherst --> Associate Professor at U. Calgary)


Cristian Estan(2): 1998-99, Cornell. (U. Wisconsin --> Architect at NetLogic Microsystems)

Yin Zhang(1): 1997-99, Cornell. (AT&T Labs --> Associate Professor at UT Austin)

Lili Qiu(1): 1997-99, Cornell. (Microsoft Research --> Associate Professor at UT Austin --> Professor at UT Austin)

Jia Wang(1): 1997-99, Cornell. (Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs)

Snorri Gylfason(3): 1997-99, Cornell. (Ensim --> VmWare --> Facebook)

Rosen Sharma: 1996-99, Cornell. Thesis: 'Internet TV' (Ensim --> SolidCore --> CTO of the Systems and Virtualization Business at McAfee --> CEO BlueStacks)

M.S./MMath/M. Phil


2020: David Adeboye


2019: Yerbol Aussat

2016: Alimohammad Rabbani, Michael Doroshenko, Ankit Pat

2015: Ivan Rios

2014: Elnaz Rezaei, Xiang Gao

2013: Peter X. Gao, Sahil Singla, Pirathayini Srikantha

2012: Bo Hu, Ryan Case

2011: Omid Ardakanian

2009: Usman Ismail

2008: Hossein Falaki, Sumair Ur Rahman, David Hadaller

2007: Shimin Guo, Omar Beg, Earl Oliver

2005: Nabeel Ahmed


1999: Y. Xu, Naveen Sastry, J. Wann, P. Singh, A. Singh, M. Ranjan, W. Ng, J. Howes

1998: K. Lee, R. Schwager, R. Siamwalla

1997: D. Balakrishna, K. Chan, B. Nicks, J. Teo, M. Wu, L. Wu, H. Jamjoom

1995: Matthias Grossglauser

Bachelor's Thesis advisees

Cambridge 2020: Jan Deller

IIT Delhi

2003: Ankur Jain and Gaurav Kwatra

1993: Anurag Sahay

One-year research interns at Bell Labs

1995-1996: Ankur Jain

1994-1995: Matthias Grossglauser, now Professor at EPFL

1994-1995: Ritesh Ahuja

Undergraduate Research Assistants

2020: Ivy Liu (--> Columbia), Brad Huang, Bill Tong, Yijie Wang

2019: Samuel Lu (--> UC Berkeley), Yingjie (Jenny) Chen, Runbiao Zhang, Ashwin Sekhari, Bhargav Das, Tingyin Liu, Shela Qiu, Jia Ying Lin, Kayla Hardie

2018: Sasha Doubov, Kayla Hardie, Ankai Jie

2017: Ankai Jie

2015: Kewei Charlie Shi

2008: C. Tang, A. Leong, C. Ho, D. Yim

2007: Matei Zaharia (--> UC Berkeley-->MIT-->Stanford)

2006: Y. Xu, Matei Zaharia, G. Wang

2005: Michael Liang, Geoffrey Salmon, H. Pan, Matei Zaharia, Stephen Fung

2004: Henry Pan, Matei Zaharia, Patrick Darragh, J. Hilliker, Geoffrey Salmon, B. Redman, M. Thomas, A. Lifchits, S. Fung, Neil Arora

2003: Patrick Darragh, Stepehn Fung, M. Tariq

1999: W. Chang, H. Chan, D. Guitirrez, L. Ku

1998: Al Landrum, J. Lin

1997: Aravind Narasimhan


2018: Guoming Tang (U. Victoria)

2017: Niko Fink (Passau)

2016: Lukas Gebhard (Passau)

2012: Hadi Zarkoob (UW, Statistics)

2008: A. Narayan (DEI, Agra, India)

2007: R. Sethi (IIT KGP), S. Dube (IITK), U. Ismail (LUMS), S. Mustaq (LUMS)

2006: G. Goel (IITD), Z. Koradia (IITK)

2005: M. Thomas (IIT KGP), H. Chopra (IIT B), G. Singh(IIT D), R. Garg (IIT K), R. Jain (IIT B), A. Agarwal (IIT D), Y. Yin, G. Wang

(1) Completed Ph.D. with Dr. Robbert van Renesse at Cornell

(2) Completed Ph.D. with Prof. George Varghese at UC San Diego

(3) Left the Ph.D. program to join Ensim Corp.