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What I'm working on

This page is my attempt to keep track of all the things I'm working on...

Energy systems

Utility-scale solar

  • Studying the impact of soiling on solar panels (with Abhinav Bora (Waterloo), Sharat Singh and Hugh Hunt (Quadrical))
  • Design of a low-cost pyranometer (with Costin Ograda-Bratu and Sharat Singh)

Trasmission grid

  • Studying the impact of climate change on the transmission grid (with Petr Dolezal and Emily Shuckburgh)

Solar,EV, and storage sizing and operation

  • Controlling EV charging to allow arbitrary shaping of the load profile of a condominiums complex or a commercial building (with Harsimrat Bhundar and Lukasz Golab, with support from SWTCH Energy, Inc.)
  • Using Reinforcement Learning to control the operation of storage systems in a generalised setting; specifically developing tools that allow multiple RL algorithms to be tested on distribution of buildings (with Arduin Findeis and Fiodar Kazhamiaka)
  • Using Reinforcement Learning to control storage operation in the presence of bidirectional EVs (with Ned Groom and Arduin Findeis)
  • Sizing solar and storage in a residential setting in the presence of bidirectional EVs (with Anais Berkes)
  • Using ray tracing to optimally site solar panels on rooftops to avoid shadowing and self-shadowing (with Benedictas Tarasovas)

Environment and conservation

  • Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits (with Tom Swinfield, Anil Madhavapeddy, David Coomes, and Andrew Balmford)
  • Estimating the rate of carbon sequestration in tropical forests (with Amelia Holcomb, Simon Mathis and David Coomes)
  • Modelling the value of impermanent sequestration (with Tom Swinfield, Andrew Balmford, Ben Groom and Frank Venmans)
  • Using a blockchain to store semi-fungible carbon credit tokens (with Derek Sorensen and Anil Madhavapeddy)
  • Making forest plot measurements faster (with Amelia Holcomb and Sofia Stefanovic)
  • Identifying till/no-till agriculture from remote sensing (with Madeline Lisa's, Clement Atzberger, and Andrew Blake)


  • Designing an index to measure researcher influence and also identify potential research fraud (with Ankai Jie)

Completed work

Last updated April 2022