Presentations related to energy and smart grid can be found on the ISS4E website.

  • How to Give a Talk, NDS Seminar, November 2010 PDF
  • From Bullock Carts to Bit Torrents: Robust Networking for the Third World (delivered at the 25th NORDUNET conference, Sept. 17th 2009) PDF
  • Design Principles for Robust Opportunistic Communication, Google/Microsoft/IBM/IIT Delhi/Dayalbagh/IIT Bombay, January 2009 PPT PDF
  • Doing GREAT Research: Student Workshop, CoNext 2007, December 10, 2007 PDF
  • Finding the Right Abstraction for a Modular Router: An Axiomatic Basis, PRESTO Workshop, Princeton, NJ, May 30 2007. PDF
  • Congestion and Congestion Control, Presentation at IRTF ICCRG Workshop, PFLDnet, 2007, Los Angeles (California), USA, February 2007. PDF
  • SMARTA: Self-Managing Architecture for Thin Access Points, CoNEXT 2006, December 2006. PDF
  • Naming, Addressing, and Routing in Delay-Tolerant Networks, Future Internet Workshop, Lisbon, December 2006. PDF
  • An Axiomatic Basis for Communication, presentation at the Network and Distributed Systems Seminar, U Waterloo, October 2006.PDF PPT
  • A minimal website with links to even older talks (from the 90's) can be found here.